The Grand Sarachisa blog post

A quick update post for my client’s news feed. I wrote in the upbeat, comfortable style of their previous posts, showing brand voice adaptability.

July, 2015

Winning Isn’t Everything

So, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH didn’t win the Minidrones Film Festival. Too bad.

But wait, save that world’s tiniest violin, because we ain’t moping!

For real! We are actually so very appreciative to have been one of the 7 of 5000 teams chosen participate and to represent CANADA! What an honour!

And we are super proud of our film nonetheless. It was such an awesome experience to once again be able to conceptualize, carry out and conclude a film all within the tight 48 hour time-frame. And we’ve been told it’s amusing, inviting, and entertaining to boot!

That’s a success in our books. Until next time!