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My client wanted four pages of web content that contained useful information while highlighting the reader’s need for the services described. All were finished off with a clear call to use my client’s services.

The pages I wrote were:
Why Every Business Needs a Website Now
Why Having High Quality Visual Media Content Matters
Why Every Website Needs Video Content
Why SEO and Social Media Matter

July, 2015

Title: Why Every Business Needs a Website Now

  1. Because consumers expect it
    -Approximately 90% of people will first search online when looking for a particular product or service.
    -Without a website you may be invisible to many potential customers.
    -A website gives your business credibility.
    -Without a website potential customers will go to competitors that do have one.

  2. Because it is your online PR representative
    -Since 90% of potential customers will find your website before they find your physical business, it is your first impression and particularly responsible for the customer experience.
    -98% of consumers say the customer experience is one of the top three factors in deciding to do business with a certain company.
    -It can update your clientele with pertinent news faster than you can spread the word.
    -It can perpetually present your brand flawlessly. (You can’t be on point all of the time, but your website can.)

  3. Because it is your 24/7 salesperson
    -The internet is always accessible, making your product or service more convenient to access.
    -Your site can connect with large numbers of consumers simultaneously, any time of day.
    -Today’s consumers have full schedules so saving their time leads to getting their business.

  4. Because it keeps your customers informed
    -Your site can provide succinct details about every part of what your business has to offer.
    -It gives consumers the tools to seek out what specific information they are looking for.
    -When effortlessly given the information they want, consumers are more likely to give you their business.

  5. Because it makes you money
    -Your website is reaching potential customers 24/7/365, and you don’t pay it by the hour.
    -Marketing with your website is 62% cheaper than traditional outbound methods
    -Your website is a highly effective tool to reach, please and keep clients.

Why you need a professional & tailor-made website

-Can you make a polished and unbiased representation of yourself?
-Are you aware of the time and detail needed to create an effective brand and website?
-Do you want to risk losing 90% of your prospective clients?
-Are you fluent in SEO, design, code, social media marketing, and consumer choice patterns?
-Can you create a site that will effectively attract your target market?
-Would you stitch your own wedding dress?

Every business has specific website needs, and we are here to meet yours. You don’t want to risk producing a sub-par version of yourself and business. After all, you can’t take back a first impression. Your time is too valuable to spend it fumbling to create your own site. Your business needs you to focus on what you do best. Would you attempt to sew your own wedding dress? Unless you’re a skilled and experienced seamstress or tailor the answer is probably no. The same goes for web development. Leave the web-tailoring to Valley Way Media to present the best online version of you to your customers.

“Valley Way Media. We tell stories & we’d love to tell yours”


Title: Why Having High Quality Visual Website Content Matters

Having quality visual content such as original photos, logos, video and print on your website is paramount to your business website’s success.

Because it makes your site more attractive and professional looking, leaving a positive first impression.

-Your site is likely a potential customer’s first introduction to your business, so having quality visuals on your site is essential to giving a solid first impression.
-Quality visuals send the message that your business is legitimate, cutting edge and that it values quality.
-Site visitors are more likely to choose your product or service when impressed by what they see.

Because it makes your site more engaging providing a better user experience.

-Site visitors respond better to original and creative content.
-When a site is rife with quality visuals in addition to valuable written content it keeps its visitors.
Quality visuals have been shown to increase users’
-visit times
-page views
-conversion rates
and to decreases users’
-bounce rates
-exit rates

Because it is central to your brand’s identity

-Quality visual content almost entirely makes up how your brand is presented.
-Your brand is paramount to your marketing strategy in that it
-conveys the truth, characteristics and values of your business
-gives the consumer the reason why they want to choose your product or service over another’s
-Site visitors are more likely to choose your product or service when they identify with your brand.
-Brand converts are repeat customers who are more likely to promote your product or service.

Valley Way Media specializes in photography, graphic design, video production and website development and marketing. We’d love to produce high quality visual content for your website so your business have the finest online representation and reap the benefits. Get in touch here so we can get started.


Title: Why Every Website Needs Video Content

Because it keeps your website current
-Video marketing is booming! More than half of companies already use it, with 64% of marketers expecting video to dominate their marketing strategies in the near future.
-Youtube is the #2 search engine in the world, proving that people are looking to videos for information
-By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic and will be in the range of 80-90% by 2019
-Video’s popularity as a B2B content marketing scheme is growing while whitepapers' is in decline.

Because it keeps your website personal
-Unlike other communication mediums, video uses movement, real faces and voices, reaching the viewer’s emotions and bringing a “human touch” to its interaction with web visitors.
-Video keeps its viewers feeling connected, increasing consumer rapport and their recommendations to others.
-Video content 2x more engaging than other mediums, meaning it creates more converts.

Because it is an effective communicator
-Consumers absorb information about products and services faster with video than by reading or other mediums.

  • 80% of people report remembering video ads compared to 20% of people remembering what they read.
    -Video content increases consumer understanding of products and services by 74%

Because it increases your website’s statistics and ultimately sells
-Video viewers have a conversion rate 2x higher than average viewers
-Video content increases the likelihood of your visitors purchasing your product or service by 64%.
-After viewing a video ad
-46% of viewers took action
-26% looked for more info
-22% visited the website named in the video
-15% visited the company named in the ad,
-12% purchased a specific product!

Suffice to say, video is a valuable vehicle for keeping your website current while engaging, and for reaping revenue. Still, producing excellent video to achieve all this is not easily done. That’s where we come in. Valley Way Media is here to create successful, original video content for your website.


Title: Why SEO and Social Media Matter

Essentially, SEO in tandem with Social Media, are what bring potential customers to your website; engage with them to build rapport; then transform them into converts of your brand. If your site isn’t effectively using both your business could be is losing on a large scale. Conversely, with the use of well done SEO and Social Media your business can be current, competitive and much more profitable.

Why SEO?
-It is effective in directing people to your site because it targets those seekers that are already looking for the product or service your business offers. (Hello, low-hanging fruit!)
-51% of website traffic comes from search engine seekers, of which 83% is SEO driven.
-Organic SEO has a high ROI since it is cheaper than paid search, and more much effective in converting customers than ads.
-It can reach new and unexpected customers on a global scale.
-SEO research helps your business better understand your target consumer and accordingly meet their wishes.
-Because SEO requires your website pages to be well linked together and organized, your website to be will be more maneuverable and easy to use, creating happy customers who are more likely to return.

Why Social Media?
-It provides global networking possibilities.
-Is an effective and cost efficient means of advertising.
-It allows businesses to engage online with multiple clients in a personal way.
-Businesses can respond to clients quickly and specifically while still not face to face.
-It creates an online sense of community for your business, building customer’s trust and loyalty.
-It’s an easy and current means for your clientele to tell their networks about your product/service.

It is imperative that businesses have highly functional SEO and Social Media in their online marketing strategies if they want to have a competitive edge and increase their clientele. That’s why VWM is here to help businesses execute effective SEO and Social Media marketing. Contact us here to know more about our services.